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    Lich King 10 man Normal


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    Lich King 10 man Normal Empty Lich King 10 man Normal

    Post  Chi on Tue May 22, 2012 10:02 pm

    Lich King 10 Normal

    3 phases
    2 tanks
    preferably 3 heals

    PHASE 1

    Tank at both pillars near the edge, MT an OT away from each other.
    ToT/MD the adds to the offtank if possible, other dps calm down on threat on LK at the start

    LK abilities:
    Infest – every 20-30 seconds, whole raid gets a debuff, it disappears after health is up to min 90%, so top off the raids health to get rid of it (priest shields before the raid starts help a lot)

    Ghouls - 3 every 30ish seconds (rogue fan + tricks to OT) to gather them more easily
    Shambling horror > tank away from the raid, shockwave will oneshot non tanks
    (hunter tranq or rogue anesteatic poison (3rd weapon switched in) to remove enrage on the big ghouls) or alternatively STUN

    Necrotic Plague (every 30 seconds)- stacking disease, 50k damage every 5 seconds the stack is on a player. Every time it is dispelled, it loses a stack. Every time it kills a player, it gains a stack. In either scenario, it’ll jump to another target > raid member, ghoul or shambling horror. Whoever has necrotic Plague on them, move to the offtank so the Necrotic Plague debuff is transferred to the adds and they die.

    PHASE 1.5

    Around 72% start spreading to the edges. At 70% he’ll cast Remorseless Winter, pretty much freezing the inside of the centre. Lasts for approximately 1 min.

    Ice Orbs - they’ll go for random raid members, and if they reach said member, they’ll be thrown off the platform. Kill m asap, they have low health.

    Raging spirit - needs to be tanked away from the raid. Frontal cone hit which hits for about 20k and leaves a 5 second silence to anyone hit, so tuuuuurn m and kill.

    PHASE 2

    Quake – Everyone gets back in the middle as the outer edges fall off. No more ghouls or horrors, but a Valkyr. Stun, root, deathgrip, use whatever ability to slow them down and safe the person grabbed from falling to a nasty (un-combat rezzable) death. (no soulstones either). (They will however be rezzed by Tirioin should the raid get that far @ the last few percentages of the fight).

    Soul reaper: DoT on tank, 50k damage after 5 seconds on the MT, if it goes off, increases lich king’s haste by 100%. Casted every 30 seconds. Tank cooldowns (use Last Stand, Druid Tier set bonus, argent defender to survive.)

    Defile: Cast on random raid member, can also be the tank. Grey cloudlike Aoe spawns. Every time it deals damage, it grows in size. DBM should announce it a few seconds beforehand so ppl have time to move out of it. The Valkyr can spawn while defile is up, so when running out of defile, do not run too far to the edges to prevent yourself from being unlucky and being picked up right at the edge and thus being unsavable. Graphic is smaller than the acual effect of Defile, so careful!

    Infest: same as phase 1. No longer uses plague though

    Careful around 43% if there’s a Valkyr alive. After the Valkyr dies, nuke till the phases transition while start moving to the edges of the platform

    PHASE 2.5

    At 40% Remorseless Winter, edges of the platform magically reappear again. Stand on them to avoid remorseless winter (7-8k damage a second to anyone still in the middle)

    Hate and suffering : Chain lightning kind of attack dealing 3-4k damage to anyone in a frontal cone arch. Leaves a dot which can stack up to 5 times, preferably split the raid up in 2-3 groups so that the debuff can wear off before it’s applied again.

    Ice orbs: same as phase 1.5

    PHASE 3

    Use bloodlust/heroism
    No more Valkyrs, use the entire platform to spread out
    VILE SPIRITS NEED TO DIE ASAP if there are any still alive

    Defile: same deal, stay spread

    Havest Soul: 45k damage over 6 seconds. Live through it and you get ported inside Frostmourne. Healers need to keep Terenas alive. As Dps/Tank, Kill the spirit before Terenas is killed. The spirits channel can be interrupted or dispelled. The spirit’s channeled ability will most likely kill Terenas if not stopped, dispelled. If you should fail, Arthas enrages for 15 seconds, and soul reaper will oneshot tanks.

    Vile Spirits: 10 will be summoned. They hover above his head to start with, AoE them down. When they come for ppl, run. If they hit anyone, they’ll blow up and aoe anything in a 5 yard range. Tanks should taunt off eachother whenever one tank is back to full health.

    Death touch - Arthas kills everyone. DO NOT RELEASE. Tirion will rez the raid after a short talk. After we’re back alive, Nuke, Yell in Excitement, do NOT watch the cutscene, Loot the quest item and Pray for phat lewtz.

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    Lich King 10 man Normal Empty Re: Lich King 10 man Normal

    Post  Chi on Tue May 22, 2012 10:04 pm

    Tankspot videos

    Part 1

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